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Platforms of parkd and Zones

Release Time:2021-03-07
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承载平台(Undertaking Platforms) 
The city has four major industrial parks and zones and has formed distinctive and complementary platform system, able to offer powerful support for enterprises of different types and levels. By the end of 2017, the city has 22.1 square kilometers actually developed area for parks and zones, having built 2.01million square meters standard factory accumulatively, and industrial cluster public service platforms like spraying and electrophoresis, mold, heat treatment and etc., having more than 100 various kinds of scientific research platforms, establishing 1 billion yuan industry guidance fund, with perfect service supporting and superior development environment.

    优惠政策 Preferential policies
In order to further optimize the development environment and promote the substainable developmetn of economic and social undertakings, Xinyu City has successively released a series of industry guidance policies like Methods of Xinyu City for Promoting Economic Development, Thirty Measures for Boosting Ganfeng Yabao Leading Driving to Build Global Lithium Battery Highland and etc, to boost the agglomeration development of leading industries lile iron, new energy, optoelectronic information, equipment manufacturing,and etc.