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Release Time:2017-08-21
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One day tour in the Fairy Lake Days: one day Price at sales department: RMB 99 Yuan per person Transportation Method: Bus Reception Standard: Transportation: air-conditioned tour bus, luxury pleasure boat Ticket of boat: RMB 30 Yuan per person Catering: RMB 35 Yuan per day ( a table of 10 persons with 8 dishes and 1 soup) Entrance Ticket: RMB 60 Yuan per person Guide: Excellent local guide service, RMB 5 Yuan per person Arrangement: The guide receives the tourists in Xinyu City or the new wharf in the morning, then show them sightsee the 12 picturesque islands by luxury boats. 1. Peach Island: appreciating the tea technique performance, the outlandish dancing and old farming tool show 2. Personality Island: the stone portrait sculptures of personalities in Jiangxi’s history and the paintings and calligraphies of them 3.Beauty Park: enjoy the performance of the Four Beauties of ancient times. 4. Village of Dai Nationality: high-altitude ropeway sliding(self-funded), high-mountain grass sliding(self-funded), feast you eyes on folk performance of Dai Nationality, experiencing the feeling of being bridegroom of Dai Nationality 5. Amusement park of Mongolia: horse-riding, arrow-shooting, enjoy Mongolia dancing and singing. 6. Longwang Island: play with monkeys in your fullness, pray for peace and safety all you life in Longwang Temple at the top the mountain 7. Birds Park: have a look at the different poses of birds. 8. Daoshan Performance park: performance of Lisu Nationality which is characterized by climbing knife mountain and plunging into fire sea. 9. Park Resort: the performance of from Thailand.10. Platform for meeting fairies which is the place of seven fairies descending to the world: paradise on water: water-sliding, speeding boat, glider, seals performance 11.Snake Island: performance of human and snake 12. Xianlai Island: performance of Huangmei Drama of Magpie Bridge encountering of Niulang and Zhinu. Two days tour in the Fairy Lake Price: RMB 148 Yuan per person D1:the guide receive tourists in the morning, then show them around new wharf, peach island, park resort, Daoshan Performance park, Mongolian yurt, Dai Nationality island, the dancing of human and snake and the place of fairies descending to the world. The tourists live in Xinyu in the evening. D2: You can move around freely in the morning, then the guide will say good bye to you to put an end to your tour in Fairy Lake Reception standard: transportation: tour bus, tour boat: RMB 30 Yuan per person ( 30 persons in one boat) Accommodation: 2 star or will-be 2 star double room Catering: self fund for individual tourists ( the price of packed meal on island is RMB 10Yuan per person) Entrance ticket: RMB 60 Yuan per person Transportation: (for reference) Train: Take the train from Nanchang to Pingxiang No.N627 at 8:04 am, arrive at Xinyu at 10:01am. Bus: A. Take the bus from Nanchang to Fenyi at the Nanchang Railway Station at 7:00 am, then arrive at Xinyu at 9:00 am. B. Take the bus from Nanchang to Xinyu at Nanchang Long-distance Bus Station at 6:40 am, then arrive at Xinyu at 8:40 am. Entrance ticket of Fairy Lake ( Price: RMB 60 Yuan per person including 11 islands ) r Reservation The entrance for the children above 1.3 meters is the same as the adult The entrance for the children below 1.3meters is RMB 30 Yuan per person The old over 70 is free of charge with relevant certificates. Please consult the Administration Committee of Fairy Lake for more preferential policy) The telephone Number for tour groups is 6422345 Tour boat Fixed number Price unit Basic price of tour line New wharf to Wulong Lake Leasing boat Seats for Individuals Common speed boat 5 Yuan per time 250 No ticket for individuals 6 300 7 350 Luxury speed boat 10 500 Yacht 18-33 Yuan per time No leasing 30 No.2 boat 60 Yuan per time No leasing 30 American Luxury boat 6 Yuan per time 500 No ticket for individuals Attention: 1. Speed boat is only for leasing not for individual tourists 2. Yacht is for individual tourists not for leasing following the principle that it must start once the number of tourists reaches 16 when there is no waiting tourist. 3. Speed boat and yacht has preferential policy for the tour groups of Travel Services