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Xinyu specialty

Release Time:2017-07-25
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Xinyu Tangerine
well-proportioned size, bright colors and sweet with a little grounds
production place: Xinyu City
Company: Lishang Co.,ltd
add: Lishang Village, Yaoxu Town, Yushui District, Xinyu City
Tel: 13907908744

Yellow Flower Peach
Feature: 1. round and well-proportioned fruit with yellow skin of a weight of 250g; 2. the pulp taste soft, weet and juicy, crisp and toothsome without grounds; 3. the maturity period is from July to September; 4. robust and straight body with rich and stable output, there are planting area of 1000mu and output of 2,500,000kg.
Company: Yellow flower peach association of Xinyu City
Add: Shuixi Town, Yushui District
Made in Xinyu City
Tel: 13807906677

Jiangxi Songyang Wine
There are various wines including Song Jiu Wang, Song Chun, Song Jiu, Song Qu and Qi Jiu ,etc which are made by modern technology with a secret process passed down from Yansong, a prime minister of Ming Dynasty. It tastes robust and full-bodied with an aftertaste lingering in you which was named as Jiangxi famous brand in 1992 and was hornored with a golden medal in the international exposition held in Paris 2 years later.
Company: Jiangxi Songyang Liquor Co.,Ltd
Add: Changshan Northern Road, Fenyi County
Tel: 0790-5892470? Fax: 0790-5818202
Liaison person: Jiang Pin
P.C: 336600

The hometown of China Linen—Fenyi Linen Group Ltd
With a reputation of the hometown of China Linen, Shuanglin Linen was born in the end of Tang Dynasty and flourished in Qianlong Period of Qing Dynasty. 85% of the people in the town engage themselves in Linen industry with 5,100 specialized households, 8 linen processing plants, 1 linen group, 1 linen aggregate trading market and 1 textile and dyeing company.
There are 8220 mu ramie with a yearly output of 750,000kg. It produces 420,000 bolts linen in a year with a yearly sales of 66,000,000 Yuan, earning foreign exchange of US$ 4,800,000. Shuanglin Linen captures most of the market shares in Korea winning a widely right write-up in Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.
We hope we may be favor with your making investment in our town.
Producing place: Fenyi County, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province

Xinyu Hongya foodstuff Co.,Ltd
As a foodstuff enterprise with an emphasis on poultry eggs processing, it mainly produces unleaded Songhua preserved eggs and Hongxin preserved salted eggs of Hongya brand enjoying great reputation in the market of its kind. It is sold in big and medium sized cities in China such as Shandong, Hebei, Shanghai, Beijing and Hongkong.
Since the founding of the company, we are continuously developing range of products including salted duck, sweetfish, fine dried noodles which are good food for life, travel, hotel, feast and gift-presenting. Winning many awards in China, it is rated as fixed manufacturing enterprise of unleaded preserved eggs exportation by Foreign Trade Ministry of Jiangxi Province.
With advanced manufacturing facilities, first-class workmanship, scientific management system, excellent specialists and outstanding brand public praise, it enjoys most faithful consumer group.
We are trying to dig out cultural gourmets in a bid to return consumers with high-quality food.
Add: Economic Development Zone, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province
Corporate Executive: Wu Yongjun
Tel: 0790-6462222 6220000
Mobile: 13807907770? 13807905138
P.C: 338000

Ma Hong Wine Co., Ltd
Founded in 1998, it is a joint-stock enterprise between companies and farmers.
Located in the suburb of Xinyu City, adjacent to the under-construction Hu-rui Expressway (From Shanghai to Kunming), it has 3,750 Square meters of workshops and 37 workers, 3 professional technicians with fixed asset of more than 900,000 Yuan.
Concentrating on Ma Hong Brand agedwine,it produces series of wines with strong local characteristics such as Ma Hong Agedwine, Old Wine King, lighter Alcoholic Drink and Jiu Yue Jiu, etc, which are sold to other provinces enjoying good reputation in the consumers.
Ma Hong Wine Company shows a good momentum of growth facing the intense market competition after renovation of technology and equipment. It realized sales income of RMB 2,750,000 Yuan and taxation of RMB 520,000 Yuan in 2000, meanwhile created huge social consequence.
Ma Hong Wine is continuously in deploitation and innovation to create its own brand, while warmly welcoming the wide awake people to make an investment here.
Liaison person: Zhang Shigeng
Tel: 0790-6782198? 13907903823

Shopping Basket Program of Xinyu Municipal Government—Chengguang Milk
Name: Shigang, Eastern Xinyu City P.C: 338025 Tel: 6460303
Product description:? is processed through high-temperature, sterilization and homogenization to strictly ensure the quality and hygiene of fresh milk, ChenGuang milk
Introduction: As one of the business project invited by Husbandry and Fishing Bureau of Yushui District, Chen Guang Milk trades Co.,Ltd is classified as the shopping basket program of Xinyu Municipal Government, Jiangxi Province with its ChenGuang brand being the only one of the city approved to register by the National Trademark Bureau. After issued Hygienic License by Sanitary and Antiepidemic Station of Yushui District, it enters into production and sells the pure fresh milk which has passed several sampling inspections of Sanitary and Antiepidemic Station.

Wild fish of Fairy Lake
White fish, also known as mouth-raised fish is a grade A natural wild fish of Fairy Lake with tender meat and refreshing taste. Dried through traditional pickling and scientific formula, it tastes wonderful becoming the ideal choice for living, traveling, banquet and presenting.

Dried Bamboo Shoot

Made of the bamboo shoot of deep mountains of Fairy Lake, processed through traditional technics, it toothsome taste makes it a distinct green natural good with the efficacy of clearing heat and expelling Miasma, losing weight and keeping doctors away.

Sweet Tea

Growing in the dense forest of Jiulong Mountain in Fairy Lake District with an altitude above 500 meters, it has medical efficacy of clearing heat, expelling Miasma and keeping down blood pressure, which is not only health supplies but also medical supplies. After being brewed in hot water, it gives off refreshing and invigorating fragrance.

Pure Tea Oil of Fairy Lake

It is made of high-quality tea kernel through scientific abstraction and refining without any pollution and hodgepodge. Being a distinct natural green good for young and old in any season, it has the efficacy of reducing fat, preventing disease, moistening skin and keeping yong.

Hushan Garlic

Located on the foot of Mengshan Mountain, the upper reaches of Menghe River, Hushan Town has the reputation of the hometown of garlic with a yearly planting area above 5000mu and the total output of 3000 tons. It is characterized by red skin garlic with big seeds and delicious taste. Add: the government of Hushan Town, Xinyu City. Liaison: Jian Shaoping Tel: 0790-6711001


Hubo Grape Garden has a total planting area of more than 1000mu with many kinds of variety including seed, seedless, early and late ripen which can be sold wholesale or retail. Add: Hubo, Guancao Town, Xinyu City ( 2 kilometers to urban area) liaison: Wang Liping? Tel: 13907905428

Famous tea of Fairy Lake

It is made of the high-quality early shoots of Fairy Lake through traditional kneading technique, which has the efficacies of relieving heat and slaking thirst, clearing heat and expelling Miasma, protecting liver and improving eyesight, deodorization and losing weight.

Xianlong Ham
It is highly refined through natural smoking method, a folk traditional formula of a thousand years characterized by vacuum packing, well-formed shape, rosy color, distinct flavor. It is rich in amino acid, vitamin and trace elements with the efficacies of nourishing Yang, whetting appetite, keeping doctors away, raising intellectual level of children.