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Middle School

Release Time:2017-08-21
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Xinyu NO.1middle School

Covering the 350 Mu, Xinyu NO.middle School is equipped with advanced facilities, 6 teaching buildings, 160 classrooms, 13 laboratories, 5 computer classrooms, 3 multimedia classrooms, 2 audio-visual rooms, 2 art classrooms, 2 multi-function halls, one library with 110000 books and 10 reading rooms.  

Xinyu No.1 middle school was founded in the year of 1943, and was approved as provincial key middle school. Xinyu No.1 middle school owns the high quality teaching staff, of which, 10 teachers have the postgraduate qualifications, 1 special-grade teachers, 117 senior teachers, 14 outstanding teachers at national and provincial level, 28 key teachers at national and provincial level and 85 key teachers at municipal level.

Xinyu NO.4 Middles schooled

Xinyu NO.4 Middles schooled the key school at provincial and municipal level. Approved by Xinyu municipal government, Xinyu No.4 middle school was renamed as Dayi Middle school. Now, there are 123 classrooms and 7500 full time students 420 full time teachers.  Covering the area of 300 Mu, Xinyu No.4 Middle School is equipped with modern teaching facilities. Xinyu Middle School becomes the research base of national teenager’s quality education, Popular Science Baseof the Chinese teenager Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and National Science Education Experiment Base.