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Release Time:2017-08-21
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Xinyu Chenbei Kindergarten

Xinyu Chenbei Kindergarten has the earliest founding history, withgood installations and teachers in Xin’yu at present. It is a provincial demonstration kindergarten which is not only attached importance by the local government but also trusted by the society. It has four teaching buildings and one comprehensive arts building with the total area of 14137㎡. Besides the rooms such as science discovery room, thinking ability training room, game room, painting room, musical instrument room and language training room, the kindergarten has the outside environment full of child's interest such as swimming pool, rock climbing wall, playground, peasant family and small orchard etc. All of these create a good condition for enriching kids’ life and widening their vision. 

Xin’yu Beilei Kindergarten 

The Xin’yu Beilei Kindergarten has 6 lasses in total, of which 230 children enrolled. Under the directly administrated by Xinyu municipal education department Bei Lei Kindergarten has made fabulous achievement. Founded at 1986, Bei Lei kindergarten covers area of 3200 m2, with 1900m2 green area and 3600 m2 floor area. There are30 teachers, of which, 9 Senior Kindergarten Teacher and 8 teachers granulated from universities.