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History of Xinyu

Release Time:2021-03-17
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Located in the middle part of Jiangxi Province, the city of Xinyu lies between two provincial capitals Nanchang and Changsha. With a total area of 3,178 square Kilometers and a population of 1,000,000, it administrates Fenyi County, Yushui District, the Fairy Lake Scenic Area, Economic Development Zone, and Administrative Committee of Yangtianggang Hill. At 27°33′-28°05′N,114°29′-115°24′E, Xinyu city has a subtropical humid climate, characterized by clearly-cut seasons, mild climate, plentiful sunshine, abundant rainfall, longfrost-freeterm, and short frigid winter.
Xinyu enjoys a long history dated back to 200,000 years ago, when the ancestors of Xinyu people began to cultivate painstakingly and multiply generation after generation on this land. In the second year of Wubaoding Period of Three Kingdoms (267AD), Xinyu County was built, that is 1740 years ago. The Neolithic sites Shinian Muountain, Qipan Mountain are in the city. Xinyu is the hometown of many famous figures including Lu Zhao, one of the famous scholars in the history of Jiangxi, Wang Qinruo, the first prime minister from Southern Yangtae River areas during Beisong Dynasty(960-1127 A.D.), Yan Song , one of the prime minister of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.),Fu Baoshi, one of the well-known painters highlighted by contemporary Chinese Paintings, and David Ho, the Time Magazine’s Man of 1996, who is famous for his achievement in AIDS research. It was in this place that Tian GongKaiWu, one of the most important scientific works in the world, was written by Song Yingxing during his stay in city’s Fenyi County, who was an education official at that time. It is also the site of the famous Luo Fang Conference which was held in 1930, and the right place where Chairman Mao wrote his masterpiece Investigate of Xingguo.
Surrounded by hills on three sides, and on the other side, two rivers Kongmu River and Yuan River pass through the city, Xinyu enjoys a beautiful and comfortable environment with Baoshi Park in the south, YangTianggang Forst Park in the north, Kongmu River National Wetland Park (the only national wetland park in Jiangxi Province) in the East, the Fairy Lake(a 4A Grade Toursit Attraction and national key scenic area) in the west, five lakes including Beihu Lake, Xianlai Lake, Changlin Lake, Nanhu Lake, Wanqing Lake in the middle. The urbanization rate here is 51.2%, ranked high in the province. Based on the principle of “mountain protecting, water purling, green keeping”, Xinyu government began the Kongmu River and Yuan River Project, speeded up the construction or reconstruction of Xianlai Avenue, Baoshi Avenue, and the Fairy Lake Avenue, Yangtian Avenue, Laodong Road, strengthen the construction of Kongmu River National Wetland Park, Baoshi Park, Yangtianggang Forst Park and the Municipal Public Square in Economic Development Zone. Moreover, the new campus of Xinyu College, the People’s Hospital, Workers’ Cultural Palace, the Municipal Public Library, and Museum of Natural Science are under construction. By now, the frame of “new city with five district, two rivers and four riverbanks” has been almost formed. The urban area now covers 60 square kilometers, with 430,000 urban residents. Xinyu is also rich in resource, and there are over 30 national key protected precious and rare tree species in its Subtropical Forestry Center in the Institute of Forestry.
Following the development of Xinyu city, this place won many good names, including National Advanced city in the Integrated Experimental City in Energy-Saving, National Advanced City in Vocational Education, the National Experimental City in business Start-up Training, National Advanced City in Developing City through Quality Guarantee, the National Experimental City in overall Reforming on Population and Family Planning, National Hygienic City, National Advanced City in Afforestation, National Advanced City in Renovation of City Appearance, and National Model City for Mutual Support between the civilian and the Arm Forces. In the year of 2007, Xinyu not only won the title of Garden City of Jiangxi Province, but also National Garden City. The city is marching toward of being resources-saving and environment friendly ecological garden city. Xinyu people are marking their great efforts on building the most beautiful city in Jiangxi Province.